Chronology of the news

26.11.99 Added a demo version of MonsterMind!
20.11.99 Changed the Cereseto's email address in the 'Who we are' page.
24.10.99 Added a page for a new game, MonsterMind!
24.10.99 Fixed some email address in the 'Who we are' page.

19.10.99 We are sorry to communicate that development of ETTU is currently stopped.
We have had some trouble with our graphic artists that have forced us to break the work relationship.
We are currently searching for a new team.
However, development of the code is not stopped.

26.05.99 Added the page of links, even if under construction.
18.05.99 Added two new screenshots of E.T.T.U. Also added a section screenshots in its page.
18.05.99 New version of Euromatic! Now the program recognize the country you have selected in the Locale Preferences Program, based on a piece of advice by Paolo D'Urso.
We are sorry for those country that aren't present in the system.

25.04.99 We have reached and surpassed the number of 3.000 visitors! Thank you very much to all of you that have visited our pages!

23.04.99 Fixed an error with the background image of the lefty frame.
20.04.99 Finally available a new 2.0 version of Eat The Whistle!
New pitches are also available in the game/data directory of Aminet.
14.04.99 Soon will be available a new 2.0 version of Eat The Whistle!
16.02.99 Fixed some dates in the news page. They referred to the 98 instead of 99!
31.01.99 Added a new version of Euromatic!
25.01.99 Added a page for a new application, Euromatic!
18.01.99 Added an upgrade patch for the CD version of Eat The Whistle!
It will take the game to version 1.2.
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