Chronology of the news

06.09.00 Available for the download MonsterMind LinuxPPC version.
28.08.00 A first preliminary version of MonsterMind for Windows is available for the download.
In short will follow versions for Linux/i386 and Linux/PPC.

The porting of E.T.T.U. under SDL library is started.
27.08.00 We started to port our project under SDL library. One of the first is the little game of mastermind.
25.08.00 Beyond the possibility to unload the Amiga version of the SDL library, in short will be published a relative page to it and the correlated plans.
04.06.00 Email addresses of some team's members, are changed.
15.02.00 With a lot of delay (sorry) we announce the availability of Virtual Ball Fighter.
For further details please refer to official page.
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