Chronology of the news

30.10.03 We have installed the new Mac OS X Panther on our developer machine in order to test our projects under this new amazing operating system!
29.10.03 Again, after about a week our ADSL connection has been restored.
We apologize for this.
22.08.03 After about a week, our ADSL connection has been restored.
We apologize for this.
25.05.03 Brought smaller modifications to the HTML code of this site, in order to improve the compatibility with standard W3C.
09.03.03 We apologize for the short uneasiness brought to the access of the web site, during the software update of our server.
06.03.03 Eat The Whistle porting with SDL 1.2.5 library works well.
The game runs under Windows/Linux/MacOS X/Amiga.
Andrea Giani has began Escape Towards The Unknown porting, using the same library.
22.02.03 Modified the group's description page.
06.10.02 Starting from today, this pages are hosted by our server.
The site now can be reached using the following addresses:
17.09.02 Removed some incorrect link in the section of the homepage members group (some were not more available).
05.05.02 Testing of SDL library v1.2.4 under Mac OS X was started.
Fixed some email addresses that were changed.
23.01.02 Porting of ETW under MacOS X proceed fine. At the moment SDL library is a working in progress under this OS so it doesn't allow us to make it available.
Stay tuned for further news!
13.11.01 We are STILL alive! We are using SDL library to continuing support Amiga, but we are also planning to port our product under Mac and PC.
We have reducted work force, but we want to continue developing our projects in the free time.
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