Radiophoria v0.6

A new version of's widget is available to download.
More details are available on the product's description page.

New Radiophoria widget

In the next days will be published a new version of the widget for listening the's podcast. In this new version it will be possible to select the podcast to reproduce, instead limiting to only listen the last one. Stay tuned!

HAL porting started

This morning has been started the porting of editor of graphical adventures HAL (that it is for Hurricane Adventures Laboratory). This program, joined to ETTU interpreter GPEGA, allows the creation of 2D graphical adventures like those of the Lucas.

Euromatic for Mac OS X

We have rewritten from scratch a new version of this old program in order to run it on Mac OS X v10.4 in Universal Binary. Now it's available here for download!

Radiophoria Widget!

It is available a little widget to listen to's podcast!
Click here for direct download (Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is required in order to use the widget).

MonsterMind released!

First beta version (v0.6) of this little master mind game was released for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

Radio Babboleo v1.2

In this new version of the widget, the music is not stopped while user display the information panel.

Site update

Added a short description page for RadioBabboleo widget; also slightly changed some other pages.

Radio Babboleo v1.1

Thanks to the collaboration of the great Sauro Spagnol that has redesigned completely the graphical aspect of it, is available for download the new version of the Widget to listen to Babboleo Radio!

Eat The Whistle v3.2

Updated the download link for Eat The Whistle in order to download the version 3.2 for MacOS X, Windows, Linux/PPC and Linux/x86.

Radio Babboleo Widget!

Since this morning is available a little widget for listening to Radio Babboleo's live stream!
Click here for direct download (Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is required in order to use the widget).

Site update

Hurricane Studios web site was updated and improved very much using the new version of RapidWeaver program.
However, it is possible that some links present on the past chronology pages do not work correctly, we apologize for the eventual incurred uneasiness.