Work, work, work

Unfortunately in this period I had less spare time to spend on developing HAL and updating the website. However the project goes ahead and in the near future I want to create a description web page with some screenshots of it, so stay tuned!

HAL working progress

The development of HAL goes ahead. We are currently rewriting entirely the user interface of the program using Java. The required low-level layer will take advantages of JNI technology that allows Java to use external libraries written in any languages.

HAL porting goes ahead

The porting of the editor of ETTU continues. Some obstacles are present to exceed in order to carry the code tied to the AmigaOS libraries, but we have a hard head!

HAL porting started

This morning has been started the porting of editor of graphical adventures HAL (that it is for Hurricane Adventures Laboratory). This program, joined to ETTU interpreter GPEGA, allows the creation of 2D graphical adventures like those of the Lucas.