Amiga Security System

Do you have a little cousin curious that "wander about" your HD? Do you always liked such programs that request a password at boot time? You don't want that any nuisance search in your hard disk, do you? Well! ASS is made for you. At boot time infacts it prompts asking for a login and its relative password to continue the Startup-Sequence.
It's not developed to be a total security system, as the Amiga doesn't allow a total protection as a PC, but as a simpy method to prevent the access to non professional users.

How it works
Once installed, at first boot the program will starts in superuser mode and will prompt to the user one list of customers (login) with relative password and a level of security; it is possible to indicate four levels of customer: low, medium, superuser and guest; for the moment the effective levels are the last two.
Executing the ShowUsers program (supplied with to SetPass in the package), will come visualized the stored login and the relative password.
Completed the insertion of all the login necessary (at the moment isn't possible to add others users in a second moment), the program at the successive boot will starts in user mode and will be able to use it like a normal authenticating program.
In the future, ASS would have to supply the others two levels for which you will be able to decide which drawers will have to be respective to single reading and which read/write.

Different user levels
  • low it will allow you to read only the peripheral mounted in your system;
  • with medium you will be able to modify the actual login;
  • in superuser mode you will have a normal access plus the ability to modify the password of the other users;