Escape Towards The Unknown

The history
The game's main character, Mike Clifford, has got a computers and robots factory. The research and development sector of this factory has almost completed a brand-new prototype of semi-intelligent automaton... but Mike has other things to think of, it's very long time that he doesn't spend his time in a holiday; a day infact, he decides to leave affairs for a pair of weeks and to use them to "recharge his batteries" (as he says).
Joined in Scotland (the place choosed for the holiday), Mike goes to the hotel in which he had booked.
While he's going to the airport to hire a piper and fly over the mountains, three suspicious men go down from a car with black glasses and approch him with threatening intentions, but as soon as one of the three men takes his arm, and pulls him, Mike exclaims: "Leave me! I can walk alone!" and taking advantage of a propitious moment, he goes away.
Mike, gets on a piper that is just landed and leave again, he doesn't care of mechanic's imprecations.
Covered few hundred of miles, the engine starts to subside and Mike is forced to throw with the parachute. Once he has throwned from the piper he sees a little group of houses under him. He handles the draughts of the parachute and manages to land in the middle of a square, but as he is out of training, he falls and he hits his head and he loses consciousness...
When he wakes up, he realizes to be in a little country far from every modern centre.
And here begins...Escape Towards The Unknown

  • Graphics in 640x480 pixels at 256 colors;
  • supports for SDL library;
  • can be played in a window or full screen;
  • brand new user command language interface;
  • digitalized dialogues in many languages;
  • user configurable;
  • you can choose from a different set of GUI backgrounds.
Minimum requirements
  • PC Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) with at least 32MB of ram and a Pentium processor or
  • Linux box with similar features and X11 or
  • MacOSX capable Macintosh or
  • Amiga with a GFX card, AHI, 040 or better.
  • SDL runtime (at least v1.2) for selected machine.
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