Eat The Whistle

Game features
  • world cup, leagues, cups with real teams (with slightly modified names);
  • more than 550 frames of animations for the player, 300 for the goalkeeper and 100 for the referee;
  • spoken comment in the CD-ROM version;
  • 30 different fields, including muddy, frozen and wet;
  • fouls, corners, throw-in, heading and other special shots with an intuitive control system;
  • tactic editor, team players (with individual stats) and team editor.
  • replays with load and save option;
  • role playing: possibility to play as the whole team or only as a player;
  • control method with acceleration/deceleration;
  • arcade version with powerups and bonuses (something like Speedball II);
  • 0, 1 and 2 players mode;
  • not yet ready but planned 3 e 4 players mode (via 4 joy adaptors or keyboard);
  • control via Joystick, CD32 compatible joypads (with a better control) or two buttons joysticks;
Technical features
  • uses SDL library to assure compatibility for different systems;
  • system friendly: it runs in multitasking;
  • it runs on any amiga, also on clones, with at least 1MB of chip memory;
  • graphic cards supported with CyberGraphX and Picasso96;
  • sound cards supported with AHI;
  • time synchronized, faster CPU get faster framerate but not faster gameplay.

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