Our products

Eat The Whistle Eat The Whistle it's probably one the most configurable soccer game written, it has tons of options, here are some examples: the possibility to select the controller of the game, the field, the conditions of the field, the match type, also an amusing Arcade mode!
Escape Towards The Unknown ETTU Escape Towards The Unknown is not just one graphical adventure tracing those of the most famous series of the Lucas Arts. Its "heart" push-button implements a special language which combined with the powerful editor, allows anyone to realize whichever adventure, starting from the "crude data".
Hurricane Adventures Laboratory HAL Create your graphic adventure with this editor!
With this widget you will able to listen Lost.pod podcast, without usign iTunes or a web browser, directly from your dashboard.
MonsterMind MM Nothing more than the usual classic game of the Master Mind.
RadioBabboleo RB A little widget that allows to listen to Italian Radio Babboleo’s live stream directly in the dashboard without having to have a browser open.
Radiophoria RP Listen to the italian podcast of Radiophoria.net directly in your Mac OS X dashboard without having to have a browser open.