BattleShip for Workbench

BattleShip For WorkBench consists of a simply naval battle between you and your Amiga.
Do you remember when we are young, we draw on one sheet two small grid, where one was used to draw our ships and the other was used to draw the shots we done to sunk enemy ships?
As BSFWB is launched, will open two window on the WB desktop: one to position your ships (random or by hand) and the other to try to sink enemy fleet.

Minimum requirements
  • Kickstart v2.0 or upper;
  • Workbench v2.1 or upper (uses the locale.library for the localization into italian);
  • amigaguide.library (if you want the online help);
  • iffparse.library (if you want the sounds);
  • 200k of chip memory (for the sounds, that can be disabled via tooltypes);
  • 40k of fast memory for the program.
Hurry che rema su una barchetta BSFWB
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